About Toad & Sage Garden

Est. 2010

Hi, I’m Amy and I created this website to share the plants I grow in my garden, how I preserve and use those plants, and the photos of the wildlife that call my garden home.  In 2010 my husband and I built a small garden in our suburban backyard just south of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It all started with two raised beds and a desire to grow a few tomatoes and peppers. What I learned and observed in the garden in the first few years inspired me to pick up a camera and learn how to capture with photography the life that I was seeing unfold all around me. I named the garden Toad and Sage to honor both the wildlife and the plants that thrive in equilibrium there. This website is dedicated to the garden and features the photos I have taken over the years and the stories behind them.

Early on in my gardening journey I became passionate about preserving the garden’s bounty as well as growing and working with herbs. Today the garden has expanded to 8 raised beds, several flower beds and lots of pots and whiskey barrels all filled throughout the year with herbs, flowers, and vegetables. Every year, like my grandmother before me I stock the pantry with pickles, jellies, and jams. With the herbs and peppers I grow, I craft homemade herb and spice blends, oils, and infusions. 

But the real joy for me in tending a garden is the wildlife that I share the garden with. Part of my childhood was spent in the country so when my little suburban garden started to bring in all kinds of bees, birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and toads, it was like reuniting with old friends. Living in suburbia will never hold the same kind of wild magic as living in the woods. But I strive to cultivate some of that wild energy as much as possible by encouraging and inviting a diversity of plants and wildlife.

When we first built our house, our lawn was just a patch of turf grass devoid of any wildlife. As time went on we added more plants, shrubs, and flowers including more native plants. We stopped using chemicals on our grass and began to practice more ecologically minded gardening. 

The backyard came alive. Toads showed up in droves. Pollinators and other insects of all kinds began to visit and lay eggs. Birds came for the caterpillars and began raising their young. The entire landscape changed and began to buzz with life.

It wasn’t enough to see it with my own eyes.  I wanted to share all of this with everyone so I taught myself digital photography, began building my photo library, and sharing what I captured online.

It was my garden photography that would soon change the trajectory of my career. If you’ve been a gardener for any length of time, you may know the name Joe Lamp’l.  He’s the “Joe” behind the brand “joegardener®” and for 13 years he produced and hosted the Emmy Award winning public television show Growing a Greener World. His podcast The joe gardener® Show is one of the top rated podcasts in the Home and Garden category. 

For several years I had been working toward a career goal that would combine my passion for nature and gardening with my digital content marketing and photography skills. Joe just happened to notice one of my photos on Instagram and loved it. We struck up a conversation that turned into a friendship over our shared love of nature and gardening. That would later lead to me making a huge career move.  In the fall of 2019, Joe contacted me and hired me to do some side projects for him. By the beginning of 2020, I became his full time Director of Marketing and Communications where I have the dream-come-true job of helping produce his podcast, promote his courses in his Online Gardening Academy,™ and engage with his amazing online community.

I am extremely grateful that I get to work from home near my garden doing what I am passionate about. I hope you enjoy what I create here, and if you have any questions about any of my articles, or are interested in using any of my photos for your blog or content, please reach out.

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